CT scan

CT scan

With the state of art CT Scanner, the department caters to all types of CT studies such as non contrasts and contrast studies of brain, abdomen and lung can be performed. CT provides speed, resolution, image quality, reduced dose, and coverage optimal for an emergency CT study. Sub millimeter slice thickness provides the high spatial is sufficient to perform more aggressive studies like CT angiograms.

The multi slice CT has revolutionized cross sectional imaging with exquisitely detailed multi planar depiction of human anatomy and functional details. 128 slices is one of the most advanced CT systems in the world. It delivers high image quality, dose efficiency and rapid reconstruction times and can carry out a full body scan in less than a minute.

128 Slice CT scanner can be adopted to provide 3 dimensional image of virtually any patient young or old, of any size including these with cardiac or respiratory conditions that make it difficult to get high quality images with other type of scanning.


  • Expand clinical boundaries in Neuro, cardiac, pulmonary, trauma and pediatric imaging.
  • Best- in- class reconstruction speeds using 3-D cone beam reconstruction.
  • Efficient X-ray tube eliminates waiting times between scanning sequences and enhances workflow.

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